Connect your people like never before so they move mountains

Your team is made up of unique gems with different challenges, experiences, and strengths. With Djembe you can inspire the bravery and vulnerability your team needs.

A space to encourage conversations

A space to inspire bravery and vulnerability

A space where differences are celebrated

A space to help navigate diversity, equity & inclusion

Introduction to diversity, equity, and inclusion in a box

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion isn't a statistic,

It's a feeling!

It's the celebration of our nuances.
It's what makes us resilient, innovative, and creative.
But how do you approach such a loaded topic?

Djembe: Inspiring Inclusive Connections

Honor your tribe's unique brilliance!


Deep Connections

Cards that are designed to open people up about their unique experiences & celebrate them.



The experience is designed in a way where everyone gets a voice, not just the loudest voices.

At Any


Use the cards in any setting for as long or short as you’d like. Perfect for all occasions!

Without Any Pressure

Fun & Emotionally Safe

Uncomfortable topics can traditionally be awkward to discuss. Djembe takes the players through an organic flow that is fun and without pressure.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
in a box

But don't just take our word for it!

What a fantastic experience! Djembe has become an important part of building our organization’s culture. The cards offer fun, accessible, and meaningful ways to connect with colleagues that build greater understanding of who we are and where we come from.​

Vice President for Community
Impact Austin Community Foundation​

How to master the conversation around diversity, equity & inclusion
with the Djembe deck

My experience was amazing. Djembe gets people talking about various differences, learning how to self-reflect, and tuning into feelings. Djembe is an invaluable tool I use regularly in committee meetings with faculty, staff and students to bridge the conversations and foster transformative and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion change.

Talking to one another and understanding each other's perspectives is an important part of building community. Djembe provides a great tool for learning about ones' lived experiences through story telling. The more we listen and share our own stories, the greater empathy and unity there will be between all us as we continue to build relationships in this wonderful community.

It was so inspiring. Having dialogue and getting to know other people's perspectives is an important part of building community. Djembe is such a great tool to help understand each other better and build relationships, connections, and empathy. The more we listen, learn, and share our stories with one another, the more united, inclusive, and BRAVE we are as a community.

A space to encourage conversations

A space to inspire bravery and vulnerability

A space where differences are celebrated

A space to help navigate diversity, equity & inclusion

About Djembe

Origin Story

The Djembe (pronounced jem-be) is a drum believed to have been invented, or at least popularized, over 2,000 years ago by a Mandinka caste of West African blacksmiths known as Numu, .

According to the Bambara people in Mali, the name of the Djembe comes from the saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which roughly translates in English to “everyone gathers together in peace.”

Djembe occupies a special place in West African history. Unlike other instruments which required certain caste or hereditary requirements to play in public, the Djembe was a true instrument of the people. Anyone could play, no matter who you were, where you came from, or what your skill level. And everyone would gather and listen.

In crafting Djembe, we wanted to harken back to that same traditional experience: all are welcome, all may gather, and all will listen.

Djembe is a box of cards, to be sure, yet it is importantly not a game. It is an instrument, through which you will hear and truly experience other people in the circle with you as never before. Each card is specially placed and written to draw you all closer together, cultivate meaningful connections, bridge cultural divides, and create an open, peaceful space for belonging to take hold.

Once you leave the Djembe, you may find you see yourself and the community you created in whole new ways. One thing’s for certain: after you Djembe, your soul will be forever altered ever so slightly, and you won’t be able to wait to call the Djembe together again and again.

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